Popular Store-Bought Donuts that you can make at home

You cannot compare the store-bought donuts with the homemade recipes. No matter how hard you try your donut don’t turn out as delicious as the store-bought donuts. Unless you are a professional baker yourself and have many years of experience in making donuts you cannot bake as close to the branded variety of donuts. However, if you want to try some simple and sweet recipes at home that is also available in the stores, here you go:


Vegan Donuts

With all the hype of vegan diets nowadays, these donuts have become popular. These donuts are made from supper fluffy texture obtained from blended banana, cocoa, and gluten-free flour. You can consume these donuts as a guilt-free snack even if you are on diet. You can use regular flour instead of gluten-free if you are not on diet. But this variety is most liked by diet-conscious and fitness freak donut lovers.


Cinnamon Bun

If you are a sweet tooth these donuts are best for you. And if you are someone who is always short of the variety of breakfasts, you will love to savor the cinnamon bun. It is a good option for all donut lovers as an evening snack. These buns are covered with vanilla frosting, cinnamon crumbles, and cinnamon glaze.


Low Carb

If you want to keep up with a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, a low-carb donut is your treat every day. It is hard to be on diets and many diets allow you to consume sweet food as long as it is made from healthy ingredients. If you want to indulge in something sweet without worrying about the extra calories, try these sugar-free and low-carb donuts at home. You can make these donuts using chocolate and sugar-free coconut caramel at the top. These donuts are especially popular among girls. Surprisingly, these donuts can be consumed when you are on diet, which is why they are becoming popular among the masses.


Lemon and Blueberry Donuts

If you love the citrus flavor then you should try Lemon and Blueberry Donuts at your home. These baked donuts are loved by people who want something healthy in their breakfast or snack but full of flavor as well. These are fluffy donuts backed with blueberries and citrus flavor that gives it a unique aroma. Packed with berries gives it a mouthwatering look with a tangy glaze.


Cider Doughnuts

These are simple to make at home. Usually, these donuts come in mini size with cinnamon topping. You can enjoy the buttery flavor and delicious sweet taste. You can avoid this variety of donuts if you are on diet or want to keep a check on the calories.


Who can say no to a donut, even if you are on a diet! So try some sugar-free and gluten-free donut recipes to savor your sweet tooth.

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